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Lindquist Studio Tobacco Barn

 Lindquist Studio - Quincy Florida, Tobacco Barn - December 11, 2016

Photos of barn and wood / burls inside.


Part of roof where metal roofing has blown off
(Hardwood boards underneath need to be re-located)


Wood against wall and beams on the ground need to be relocated.

Old pallets and waste wood needs to be taken out for burning.

Burls in this area need to be relocated.

Tin roof missing above allowed water to get in on top of the burls.

Several of those burls on left  have been ruined and need to be moved out.

Several large ones remain intact and need to be relocated elsewhere in the barn.

Looking down the center aisle of the barn - several items need to be moved and reorganized.
The center aisle needs to be cleared in order to get a forklift/tractor up and down the aisle.

Burls in boxes need to be gone through and sorted for good or bad.

Large slabs  need to be assessed and moved.

Wood above in stringers on road side of barn is in good shape.

The wood above is fine - the barn roof was repaired overhead several years back.

Wood in stringers on opposite side need to be moved along with the others.


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